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    Well Hello There,

    My name is Mike Saltzman, and you appear to have stumbled upon my page. Likely, this means you you likely want to know a little bit about me or contact me, as the owner of Voltage Video Games.

    So, this website was originally just a portfolio for my artistic endevours, but given my position now, it’s not really used for that purpose anymore. However, if you’d like to take a look at some of my work, the links to paintings and other art are all still active; though, I have not put new art up for several years. I do have a BA in Studio Art from Binghamton University.

    My Resume in 20 words or less:

    Manager, Creative, Nerdy. Artist, Bachelors and Masters, Design, Tech, Freelance, Efficiency, Improv and Politics. Oh, and Video Games of course.

    My (Company’s) Core Values

    (needs editing, 4/27/16)
    Alright, how about I talk about the core principals I built Voltage on… Our company is small, and focused on being honest, offering good value and prices not found elsewhere and mutual trust and respect. Finally, treat the customer the same way you would treat a friend. I know, I know. “EVERYONE SAYS THOSE THINGS MIKE!” As the owner, Im pretty serious about all of those values though. For instance, good value, did you know we undercut the MSRP on most all of our products? That 6.99 cable, its supposed to be 8.99 or 9.99. We constantly ask ourselves, can we afford to cut the price a little? If the answer is probably, we do. Which leads into the next value, mutual respect. At Voltage, everyone is encouraged to speak up if they have a good idea or if something is a problem. New employees can tell me, the owner, when I screw up. I’d be upset if they didn’t say anything, actually! Treat the customer the way you would treat a friend… well… this one gets slightly more complicated. Let me try though, the analogy I like to use is: If your friend walks in, and we have one game in excellent condition, and one in good or okay condition. Which do you sell your friend? The excellent one. Common sense. You might not do that for a customer, right? Right. Well, we decided to align our procedures to correct that. How? It was as simple as adding discounts for condition. Now, that good or okay game will be marked down appropriately. Now you offer your friend the excellent price one for full price, or the good one for a reduced price… the exact same as you would likely do for a customer. Phew… Well, hopefully you know have some incite into me, this website and my company! Thanks so much!

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