Video Game Store Art & Pastime Legends Review

There seems to be an interesting relationship between local artists/designers and local video game shops in upstate NY (specifically, Albany NY and Binghamton NY). local video game shops seem to put a real premium on art and on hiring artists and designers to make their shops look unique and to add unique flare to their shops… and why not? In an industry with iconic figures like Mario, Master Chief and Donkey Kong– there is no shortage of amazing artwork that could be crafted for these shops. I know this personally because I had been doing work for Pastime Legends, a video game shop in Albany NY, as well as indirectly for Sound Go Round in Binghamton NY. This week I’d like to highlight two local artists for game shops.

Since I mentioned cool connections between artists and game shops, might as well take this moment to highlight two cool video game stores (one in Albany and one in Binghamton) which have especially good artists behind the scenes:

Albany Game Shop

A good local game shop in the Albany area which has a lot of custom art is Jay Street Video Games in Colonie Center and Crossgates Mall. They might have more locations opening soon– I always love stopping in to check out some of their new custom artwork.

Some of their awesome art:
Jay Street Gaming Mural
Artist: Alec Acevedo

Binghamton Game Shop

Sound Go Round not only carries video games, they also carry movies and music in addition to a good collection of accessories, check them out at: Sound Go Round.

Some of their awesome art:
SGR Logo Binghamton NYSound Go Round Store Artwork

Artist: Matt Leach

Have some cool video game related art of your own? leave a comment below!

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