WP GetSocial Google Plus One +1 width display issue

So I noticed a little problem with Getsocial (notably seen on the left side of this website). It seems the plus one (+1?) button was displaying at 300px width even though my inspect element was showing it as being cancelled out… Still, when I went in and disabled that function, it fixed the problem. The 300px wide plus one button causes the button to overlap other content so it cant be clicked on/used.

Solution after the jump –>

UPDATE: riyaznet Riyaz (getsocial creator): open the file getsocial/lib/getsocialstyles.php and search for string “display:none;” without the quotes and delete the string. Have not tested this, but thats the programmer telling me this, so I assume that works too.

UPDATE on UPDATE: causes getsocial to display while loading randomly on the page… looks lousy.

Here’s a Better Solution: Add the following to your external CSS to override the 300px command,

#___plusone_0 iframe {
width: 50px !important;

Note: Keep in mind that the “0” may become another number for certain pages (like blog posts)– ie. you might need to make a second command thats #___plugone_1. To find the number you need, just inspect object on the plus one button on any pages where it is still giving you a problem and you should see the id name and number.

Hopefully this helps! Feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have.

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