25+ Great Free Flash Games [List]

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So one of my favorite pastimes is finding awesome flash games online. Over several years I’ve been bookmarking my favorite flash games– and here they are, broken down by category. Most of the games I enjoy fall into a couple categories: Tower Defense, Strategy, Platformer, Action-Adventure, Creative, Puzzle/Thinking, Dark Humor (though, I’ll admit, my categorizing is probably a little hit or miss). If you enjoy these types of flash games, then you might want to bookmark this page right now, as I list A LOT of good games here.

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Tower Defense Games

Tower Defense (Defence) Games or TD games are games where your goal is to stop an enemy from making it across the map or page while they travel on a (mostly) fixed path. Tower Defense Games are typically a cocktail of real time strategy with a dash of action and RPG elements.

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush
Kingdom Rush Footmen

Game Type: Tower Defense, Real-Time Strategy, RPG Elements

Description: So you are a king or a general (or something), defending your kingdom from some evil from Mt. Doom (or something). Well, nevermind the story, the gameplay is excellent. Kingdom Rush is overall just an excellent TD game. This game revolves around 4 tower types, (Archers, Mages, Artillery and Footmen), and upgrading those towers becomes essential– plus, when you upgrade it increases the strength of the tower AND changes the look/graphics which is always fun. The most notable thing that differentiates Kingdom Rush from other games is the attention to detail and the overall graphics/gameplay polish. Also, I really enjoyed how the Footmen towers actually send out men to fight/stall the enemy. It certainly feels more like an involved battle with the use of hand to hand fighters in the game. Kingdom Rush also has perhaps the best graphics/audio of any flash game I’ve ever played. The graphics are clean and vibrant and the audio is interesting, and sounds professionally mastered. There are also plenty of little stage-specific interactive elements in the game which did not go unnoticed (at least, not by me). The one downside is that the game isn’t very long. With about a dozen stages, an experienced player should be able to best this game in about 2 hours. Like many modern flash strategy games, the game makers do have “premium content” which I imagine would include more stages, but you have to pay.

Don’t Touch My GemsDont Touch My Gems

Game Type: Tower Defense, Real-Time Strategy, RPG Elements

Description: Don’t Touch My Gems is a pretty straight-forward but addictive TD game. This one has you take the role of some kind of evil-being who uses towers to defend his precious gems from human seizure. The gameplay revolves mostly around 3 different environment-based towers (Orcs for woodland, Undead for Tundra and Demons for Rocky Mountains/Hell). This Game also features a bunch of stacking tower upgrades which add to both your developing skill and replay value.



Gemcraft Game
Gemcraft Overworld
Gemcraft Tower Defense Game

Gemcraft: Chapter One, The Forgotten (2008)
Gemcraft: Chapter Zero, Gem of Eternity (2009)
Gemcraft: Lost Chapter: Labyrinth (2011)

Game Type: Tower Defense, Real-Time Strategy, Strong RPG-elements

Description: These three games, (with a fourth in development), are pretty much the gold standard of modern tower defense games. If you like tower defense, and have not played these, you now have no excuse. These games are long, involved, polished and most importantly, a lot of fun. Consider yourself an expert at tower defense? These games wont disappoint, the designers clearly put effort into making each map a unique challenge. Adding to the challenge is all the variables you will be faced with, from different speeds/strengths of enemies, to map limitations on what types of gems you can use. Some levels will be difficult because of one unexpected elite wave, others because of order/combination of waves, and others still because of the difficulty of maps layout. These games are easy to learn, but difficult to beat, and you may find yourself going back to old stages in attempts for either badges or leveling. Did I mention there are skills and leveling? Yup. Brightly colored gems, bombs, tombs, upgrades, speed runs, different gameplay modes– What more could you want? Long game, lots of replay value and a real test for beginning and experienced TD gamers. For the record, they were released in the order I listed them in above. However, Chapter 0 occurs before Chapter 1 (and Chapter 0 has a lot of gameplay improvements over their first game– so you can play that first without an issue). Labyrinth plays a little differently than Chapters 1 and 2, but is equally as good (maybe better in a few ways).

Bowmaster PreludeBowmaster Prelude Game

Game Type: Tower Defense, Real-Time Strategy

Description: Well, this game is not a typical tower defence game, but you do have a tower you are defending… so… good enough? Honestly though, this game is fantastic. You are a commander/archer in your castle and your job is to both shoot down the enemy as they come to take your flag and to send your forces to get the enemies flag. The game often comes down to how well you can cover and support your troops with arrow fire as they approach the enemy flag. What makes the game excellent is the variety of enemy, (some of which are VERY tough), and the variety of arrows and spells and upgrades. For instance, there is nothing better than placing an exploding arrow right into the center of an enemy unit at the perfect moment or bringing down an ice monster with a fire arrow to its face. Graphics can be a little crude compared to the other games on this list, but overall are decent. My final suggestion would be that you might want to turn on some of the easier arrow aiming settings (in “Shooting Styles” in the options) if youre using a laptop or want to play more casually. Note: Dont Select A Fraction when game loads– thats some spammy nonsense from the programming. sigh.

Desktop Tower Defense 1.5Desktop Tower Defense

Game Type: Tower Defense, Real-Time Strategy

Description: Desktop Tower Defense (1.5) places you as defender of your desktop. With a variety of different hand-drawn towers, and different creeps coming to break through your desktop defenses. One interesting factor in this game is that not you not only do you decide what types of towers to choose, but you also choose where on the desktop to place them– effectively blocking the creeps from moving in that square. Making barricades, mazes and even traps becomes a big part of the gameplay and adds a new dimension to how to play. If you build a good defense, enemies will have to zig-zag all across the board before getting to the other side. What might be the most fun though, is the challenge modes, including the “100 level” challenge. My best is up around 80 levels, let me know if you can top that.

Vector TDVector TD

Game Type: Tower Defense, Strategy

Description: This game combines bright colors, disco-like flashing lights, rave music and tower defense strategy into one attractive package. It’s both straight forward, and a very addicting challenge. What makes the game most dynamic are the bonuses you get every 5 waves: more interest on your money, more lives, a range amplifier or a power amplifier. These bonuses let you craft exactly how you will be victorious– and since the enemies get exponentially harder, that wont always be easy. Wonderful game, though I’ve never been able to beat the extreme maps on the original version. Definitely recommend playing the original first — but if you’d like, you can also find versions X and version 2 which are also fun and sport some predictable upgrades (like more enemies and difficulty tweaks).

Dark & Creative Thought Games

I define “Dark & Creative Thought Games” as being games which have a “dark” element in the way of an underlying creepy, eery feeling or story, or games that require outside the box, creative thought. Additionally, I will try to keep the descriptions a little more brief so as not to ruin any surprises.


This Is The Only Level

This Is The Only Level (Jan 2010)
This Is The Only Level Too (Aug 2010)This is the only Level

Game Type: Action, Puzzle & Strategy

Description: I’m not sure these two games fit in this section, but I’m not sure where else to put them. They are dark-ish action/puzzle games. Both games are great and revolve around creatively thinking about how to beat each area– it starts easy and gets increasingly difficult and creative. This one will definitely require some serious outside the box thinking. Luckily, there’s always a hint <-- Just like that.


Exit Path

Exit Path (May 2010)
Exit Path 2 (Aug 2011)Exit Path Game

Game Type: Dark Platformer (Action)

Description: Exit Path is your standard cross between Portal and Track & Field… yea. Your job in this game is to navigate through different environments which are filled with traps and various doom. Spikes, pits, spinning blades, axes. Not only that, but you’re asked to clear areas as quickly as possible. The game is fun and has tons of replay value since there are both achievements, wearable items to collect and a fully functional multiplayer mode. You’ll almost undoubtedly play through at least a couple times just to see how good a time and score you can get. Additionally, the multiplayer is TONS of fun as you race others to beat maps. Exit Path 2 is a longer and more graphics polish… but I cant help but feel Exit Path 1 had more difficulty and strategy involved and is ultimately a better game. Both are excellent, though.

The Company Of MyselfCompany of Myself

Game Type: Platformer, Strategy/Puzzle

Description: This one is strange, but fun. Puzzle/Platformer with an interesting twist and an intriguing storyline. This game has one of the better stories in this list and the game does a good job of slowly immersing you. This game is creative, challenging and interesting– a must play if you like strategy and 2D platformers as its certainly one of the more creative platformer games you’ll ever play.

Every Day The Same DayEvery Day The Same Day

Game Type:Creative, Action-Puzzle

Description: This game is mysterious and creative. It will likely get you scratching your head a little. Is it the matrix of video games? Well, not really? I don’t know. You decide. Warning: This one may either depress you or make you feel euphoric (or both).

KOLMKOLM platformer

Game Type: Platformer, Action-Adventure


Description: You are a robot (I think?) and you have lost many of your parts in this metroid-style platformer. Not to worry, your mother is guiding you to recovering those parts and reaching her. Each upgrade helps you to advance further and brings your closer to reaching your mother. Also, you should probably give your mother a call, she’s worried about you.

PRIORPrior Flash Game

Game Type: Platformer, Action Adventure

Description: Another Metroid-style platformer with an ever darker twist. You are a … ummm… a black box…? locked in a room with a case of amnesia and you are in search of what happened _PRIOR_ to your imprisonment. Along the way, you find out what happened to your family and to you.

Small WorldsSmall Worlds Creative Game

Game Type: Creative, Exploration

Description: Small Worlds is all about discovery. It involves you exploring through a pixelated worlds. I think this one would be more enjoyable to those who like to use their imagination, and just explore. I showed this game to one friend who asked “this is a game?”, and another who said “this is awesome”. Anyway, I liked it and I hope you do too.

Balloon In A WastelandBalloon in a Wasteland

Game Type: Dark Action, Side-Scroll Shooter with Strategy Elements

Description: A creepy action/shooter game. You are a man (in a top hat) who crashed his hot air balloon (yes, a hot air balloon) in an unforgiving wilderness. Luckily, there are enough supply trucks to allow you to arm yourself to the teeth and build a nice shelter. Still, you have to repair your balloon before you are overwhelmed by evil creatures and whatnot. If you like defense games and action games– this game is worth a play through.

Lucky TowerLucky Tower Adventure Game

Game Type: Strategy & Puzzle, with Action Elements

Description: Yea… the tower is hardly lucky. Just saying. Anyway, this game involves a little bit of strategy, a little bit of action/adventure and a lot of luck. You’re stuck in a tower filled with monsters and traps and your goal is to… escape or survive probably? Maybe save the princess, I’m not sure. In the tower you are often presented with a series of doors to go through– be sure to pick the right door. Luckily, you get as many tries as you’d like and the game saves at each new screen.

Strategy Games

Description: Strategy games are games that require planning, tactical and logistical skill to succeed… but you should really already know that.

Elona Shooter

Elona Shooter
Elona Shooter Close Up

Game Type: Side-View Defense Shooter, Strategy, with Action Elements

Description: This game has Strategy, Defense, Action and RPG elements and is rather complex. Your mission is to defend your castle from daily onslaught by a horde of random attackers. Inbetween waves you have AP (action points) to spent on a variety of things ranging from throwing a party to mugging people. The game is complex because there are a myriad of classes, weapons, upgrades, and items for you and your comrades. How you spend your cash and AP is essential to preparing yourself for future waves of enemies. This game is actually so complex, (and cool), that is has both a fan base and a wiki site dedicated to it. If you like defense games and strategy, this is a must play. I recommend starting with a class whose default weapon is the crossbow (goes through multiple enemies and is easy to aim on a laptop). My record is Day (level) 72.

RebuildRebuild, Zombie Survival Sim

Game Type: Zombie Survival, Simcity, Strategy

Description: Welcome to Sid Mier’s Civilization 8: Zombie Apocalypse Edition… just kidding, though thats not a bad idea really. Your goal here is to grow your burgeoning post-zombie apocalypse republic by clearing zombies from adjacent properties and expanding your nation in a way that helps you satisfy a victory condition. Decent simulation for running your own society post zombie apocalypse. I will say though, it can get a little repetitive after awhile. I found myself just ignoring the text 90% of the time after playing for a little while. I would suggest that experienced gamers up the difficulty from the get go– normal will be too easy for you.

Civilization WarCivilization War Battle

Game Type: Real-Time Strategy, with Action-Elements

Description: Civilization wars is an RTS game where your you control bases which slowly build up power over time. You can then send half of that power, (represented in soldiers in this game), from your bases to take over either neutral ruins or enemy bases. What makes this game a little more unique than others like it are three things: 1. Graphics and Theme, 2. Magic and Upgrades and 3. Boss Monsters. The Graphics and Theme are cool because you take over one of three ancient tribes– including an aztec style tribe, a roman style tribe and an asian style tribe. Additionally, the graphics are clean, bright and fun. Magic and upgrades just add an additional strategic element to the game which can make or break your performance. My favorite thing about this game is the “bosses” though. There is simply nothing more fun then sending waves of soldiers up against a giant octopus monster who is upset with you.

Corporation Inc.Corporation Inc Sim

Game Type: Simcity, Strategy

Description: Ever thought you would make a wonderful businessperson? Well, why wait! Start setting up your corporate enterprise today! With Corporation Inc. online, you’re just one click away from running the business of your dreams– where you will make widgets… errr… or push buttons or something? You’re in the business to make money. Setup your building, hire some staff, start making money! Employees ready to revolt? Make them happy with snack machines and office pets! Profits not high enough? Promote managers and accountants in order to maximize efficiency.

Platformer/Action Games

Description: With roots in classics like Mario, Metroid and Mega man– “Platformers” are typically defined as 2D side-scrolling adventure games where your character is asked to jump/run/navigate through a series of obstacles/elements such as pits, spikes, platforms, enemies and more. See: Super Mario Brothers for more information.

Give Up RobotGive Up Robot

Game Type: Platformer, Action

Description: This game is an action, puzzle, platformer. The goal here is to use your robot’s grappling hook arm to successfully navigate a series of platformer-type puzzles. One interesting thing, that I dont fully understand, is that the entire game takes place in a dazzling 1980’s discotecha. Enjoy!

Corporate ClimberCorporate Climber Game

Game Type: Action-Adventure

Description: This game has a 6/10 rating on Adult Swim Games– which I find ridiculous. In this game, your goal is to work your way up the corporate ladder from the bottom rungs. In this 2D action game, each floor presents you with a challenge for you to face prior to a promotion. Bottomline, this game is action comedy at its finest. Starting in the boiler room and working your way up to be a CEO? What’s not to like?

House Of Dead NinjasHouse of Dead Ninja

Game Type: Action-Adventure

Description: You play the part of a white ninja whose goal is to decent deep within the house of dead ninjas. The game is a great action/adventure game and what makes it really fun is just how strong your ninja is. The ninja can easily wipe the floor with the enemies– but the problem is, you need to find “timer resets” every 30 seconds. The timer resets are everywhere, but they force you to move quickly and as you travel deeper the enemies get more difficult and more numerous. Great challenge, and very simple to pick up quickly. So, how far can you reach?– I remember I got past level 300.


Robot Wants Kitty Free Game
Robot Wants Ice Cream Platformer

Robot Wants…

Robot Wants Kitty (March 2010)
Robot Wants Puppy (May 2010)
Robot Wants Fishy (August 2010)
Robot Wants Ice Cream (September 2010)

Game Type: Platformer, Action-Adventure

Description: Robot wants… these greats are each great platformers respectively. They are all metroid-style platformers, but with different worlds/power ups, respectively. Each game introduces new or different elements and gives you a large world to explore and beat. Additionally, the story is both simple and fun. You as a robot want something, (like a puppy), and you wont stop until you get at it. Silly and fun. As each episode links to the next episode in some way, Id suggest playing them in order (Kitty, Puppy, Fishy, Ice Cream).

Ray Ardent Science NinjaRay Ardent, Science Ninja Game

Game Type: Platformer, Action-Adventure, Super Science

Description: Time-Traveling Science Ninja. Awesome. Those five words describe this game well. If youre a fan of “super science”, Venture Brothers or fast paced platformers, you will enjoy this game. You play as Ray, who is a science ninja… errr, time-traveling science ninja. With multiple upgrades and really solid controls, this game is just tons of fun to play.

Road of the DeadRoad of the Dead Flash Game

Game Type: Action, Driving

Description: Driving games, I hate them… but I suppose when you throw in some zombies, and smashing police blockades, they become okay. Road of the Dead combines zombies, fast driving, mindless police officers and ridiculous vehicle upgrades into one fairly polished driving game.

Puzzle and Misc Games

Description: Puzzle games which involve puzzles or heavy amounts of problem solving have been placed here as well as games that just didn’t fit into any of the other categories.

Electric Box 2Electric Box 2 Puzzle Game

Game Type: 2D Puzzle

Description: Electric Box 2 is a fun 2d puzzle game which requires some creative thinking. Your goal is to power a circuit and there are many different blocks you must position to accomplish this task. The blocks range from simple fans and lightbulbs to lasers and canons. Generally, the idea is you need to find the right blocks to transfer power from your starting point to another point on the power grid.

The Adventures of RedThe Adventures of Red

Game Type: Puzzle, Creative

Description: The Adventures of Red is a puzzle game where each room of this manor has a puzzle for you to solve. You solve rooms by collecting keys and clues as well as interacting with elements within each room. I usually dont go for these adventure puzzle games, I find them frustrating and bored when it starts to get really challenging– and the same happened with this one. Still, it is definitely well composed and the puzzles are interesting and challenging, so its worthy of being noted here. I hope to go back to it and complete it at some point in the future.

Music Catch 2Music Catch 2 Game

Game Type: Other (Action Elements)

Description: Music Catch 2 is a unique game where your goal is to collect music notes and powerups which appear in sequence with classical music. It’s surprisingly simple, but surprisingly addictive. What makes the game worthy of replay is that you get a score modifier whenever you collect yellow notes, and you lose your modifier when you collect a red note. Additionally there are purple power ups. Getting the expert level Kongregate badge in this one was definitely tough. By the way, the first version of this game was fun too if you enjoy this one.

Sierra 7Sierra 7 First Person Shooter

Game Type:Rail Shooter, First Person Shooter

Description: Sierra 7 is a rail shooter (ie. first person shooter where you dont really control where you move to). I know when you think first person shooter or rail shooter, you’re probably not thinking about flash games. However, Sierra 7 is actually quite good and is worth a shot. Sierra 7 puts you in the place of a special forces soldier– your job is to complete missions which involve a lot of building clearing, among other things.

I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie, The Game

I Wanna Be The Guy Spike Walls

I Wanna Be The Guy Mega Man Dragon

I Wanna Be The Guy Mario Bullets

Game Type: Platformer, Action/Adventure, Sadistic, Evil, Unfair

Description: Unlike the other games on this list, this is not a flash game, it’s downloadable freeware for the PC. I Wanna Be The Guy (IWBTG) is a fantastic game– but is also probably the hardest game you will ever see. The game is a parody/port/reinvention of classic NES platformers. IWBTG draws from classics like Mario, Metroid, Tetris, Ghosts and Goblins, Zelda and more. It draws from them by directly using concepts, graphics, music and even characters from them. The game IWBTG undeniably draws from the most is Mega Man though, so if you’re a fan of the classic blue bomber titles, you really have to give this game a shot. The controls are excellent, the graphics are good, the music is great, and the challenges are complex and intricate. With that said, Ignore everything I said prior to this and DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. All joking aside, this game is REALLY hard and should not be taken on lightly. If you are not a classic gamer and excellent at platformers, this game is not for you. If you have never heard of Mega Man 2, then this game is not for you. If you have ever complained about the difficulty of Mega Man 2, then this game is not for you. Finally, if you value your joints and want to avoid carpel tunnel disorder, then this game is not for you. Play at your own risk… and not for long spans of time. If you do decide to try out IWBTG, set it to “easy”– trust me.

Well that concludes my list for now! I may add more games as I find them or a followup post with new games eventually. Let me know what you think below!

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